How to Travel When You Are Broke

I laugh when people assume that I have money. It would make sense, I guess. I have lived the past four years on the road, and one question keeps coming up: How is this financially possible?

  1. The first thing I did was sell everything. Well, almost everything. I sold my car and furniture on Craigslist. I had a “garage” sale. I sold my coveted vinyl collection to a close friend. I kept my phone, laptop, and some clothes, and everything else went. Why? It is all just stuff. Experiences can’t be replaced.
  2. Couch Surf. I started off by simply posting on Facebook and letting people know where I was headed. I sent a call-out to see if there were any friends or friends of friends that had a place I could stay for a night or two. To sweeten the deal, I offered services like “I will mow your lawn for two nights on a couch.” Then someone told me there was a site that was actually called COUCHSURFING.COM. Yep. It exists. I use friends whenever possible, but this site has helped along the way.
  3. WWOOF aka World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. In exchange for volunteer help, this organization offers food, lodging, and learning opportunities. Check out their site:
  4. Camping. For a while I just wandered between small Southern towns and slept in a tent. Rest stops were my friends.
  5. Odd jobs. Some of the odd jobs I have done on the road are working at hostels in exchange for stay, teaching English, working as an au pair, and picking fruit.